Aqua Computer launches Farbwerk RGB LED controller

November 17, 2014 | 11:33

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Aqua Computer has announced the launch of a new controller for RGB LED lighting strips, a four-channel model dubbed the Farbwerk which greatly exceeds the capabilities of its previous products.

Based in Germany, Aqua Computer is known for its Aquaero family of high-end fan controllers. Although these include the ability to control LEDs, the dedicated Farbwerk is considerably more capable with the company claiming that it allows for 13-bit resolution control of all four channels of an RGB LED strip - 8,192 adjustment steps per channel, to the Aquaero's 8-bit, 256-step resolution. The colours can be adjusted manually, set to automatic transition or pulse effects, automatically adjusted based on up to four analogue sensor inputs supporting temperature, voltage or resistance readings, or controlled using the company's Aquabus network via USB - including as an add-on for an existing Aquaero. Finally, the lighting can be controlled via readings from the Aquasuite software including CPU load.

As a final feature of the new design, Aqua Computer is also offering a variant of the Farbwerk featuring a Bluetooth transceiver in place of the USB connector. Coupled with a demo app and the unit's ability to control both 12V lighting inside a PC along with any 2.5A hardware up to 24V when used with a dedicated power supply outside a PC, the company has indicated that it hopes to see the Farbwerk used at the centre of a variety of novel hacks. To that end, the Farbwerk comes with a software development kit along with full source code for the Android demo app.

The Farbwerk is currently available exclusively from Aqua Computer, priced at €29.90 with USB or €39.90 with Bluetooth (around £23.90 and £31.90 respectively), with the RGB LED strips available to purchase separately. More information is available on the official forum thread.
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