Microsoft offering XP downgrade

Written by Phil Cogar

September 24, 2007 | 15:49

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Businesses and home users just may not be ready for Windows Vista yet. For the people who feel strongly about that, Microsoft is offering a downgrade to XP option through the original computer manufacturers. If you have either Home version of Vista though, you're out of luck - only those that bought computers preloaded with Vista Ultimate or Business qualify for the downgrade.

One of the reasons for this move could be because the "attach rate" (speed of migration) of Windows Vista for businesses in the UK is very low. In the nine months since the operating system had launched, less then two percent of UK companies have started to use it, according to a survey done by Computer Business Review. The same survey also indicates that less than 60 percent of all business have plans to move to Vista within the next two years.

That may not come as much of a surprise to some, since many businesses are slow to upgrade their desktop systems. The cost of new hardware to run Vista may just keep many at bay until it is time to upgrade whole systems. Sales pushes for newer operating systems are typically done by the personal consumer instead of businesses in the first year anyways.

For those that are wanting to downgrade, you'll have to check with your manufacturer as there are varying in the methods to make the downgrade available. Fujitsu has been packaging an XP disc with its laptops and tablets since last month, while Lenovo is charging customers for an XP recovery CD. Other manufacturers may include the XP disc in the box regardless since the cost is so inexpensive.

All of this brings a confusing message to some, since Microsoft is still requiring manufacturers to quit bundling XP with new machines starting on January 31, 2008. Many manufacturers are pushing Microsoft to extend that deadline but it is still unknown as to whether that will happen.

Are you satisfied with Vista or would you rather just go back to XP for the time being? Discuss this move by Microsoft over in the forums or in the comment section below.
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