New Vista Ultimate extras available

April 24, 2008 | 06:55

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If you bought Windows Vista Ultimate in the hope of seeing the promised Extras, you'll have been pretty disappointed that the promised must-have addons never really materialised. Well, fret not – the Windows Vista Team is on it.

In a rather delayed attempt to quell the discontent of users who shelled out extra for the black-boxed Ultimate Edition of Microsoft's new operating system the company has officially launched a pair of Extras that many are seeing as the vanguard of a new wave of free add-ons for the top-end Vista bundle.

Prior to this release, the only Extras that Vista Ultimate purchasers had seen to justify their expenditure were a poker game, the ability to add animated wallpaper to your desktop, and some additional language packs, along with some simple wizards for the built-in encryption software. Hardly ground-breaking stuff.

So, are the new releases any better? Judge for yourself: the new Extras that the Microsoft Vista Team have been slaving away on all this time are three additional backgrounds for the DreamScene animated wallpaper package and two new sound schemes.

Underwhelmed? Well, quite. Although the Ultimate Extras Pearl Sound Scheme apparently “further extends the intentionally-subtle design attributes of the Windows Vista default sound scheme with a richer, milky, more percussive sonic palate.

Both packs are available immediately via Windows Update on a Windows Vista Ultimate box.

Any Ultimate owners here feeling justified in their purchase, or have you yet to see anything that was worth the entry fee? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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