Intel boasts $11B record quarter

October 13, 2010 | 14:08

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If Intel is worried about the growing threat from rivals including ARM and AMD, it certainly isn't showing it: the company has just posted its highest quarter of revenue yet, at a whopping $11.4 billion.

According to figures posted by the company this week, it has broken the $11 billion revenue barrier for the first time in its history, and has earned itself a neat $3.0 billion net income to boot.

Speaking about the bumper results, Intel head Paul Otellini claimed that "these results were driven by solid demand from corporate customers, sales of our leadership products and continued growth in emerging markets."

The biggest winners for Intel this quarter have been the PC and data centre client groups, which both grew three percent in the quarter and experienced record revenues. It's a good job they did, because Intel's Atom processor isn't doing well: feeling the pinch from ultra-low power ARM chips and the company's own significantly faster CULV processors, the Atom processor and chipset department saw revenue plummet four percent compared to the previous quarter.

During its regular earnings conference call, Otellini told investors not to worry: "I know that the big question on everyone’s mind is how Intel will respond to new computing categories where Intel currently has little presence: specifically, tablets." Name-checking Apple's incredibly successful iPad, which uses an ARM-based processor, Otellini went on to promise that "we’re going to utilise all of the assets at our disposal to win this segment: the world’s best silicon process technology, the best compute architecture and our global scale."

For consumers, Otellini promised that the dawn of the Intel-powered tablets and slates is nigh, claiming that "in the coming months and quarters you will see Intel [tablet] solutions that run on Windows, Android, and MeeGo operating systems across a variety of form factors and price points."

Finally, Otellini confirmed that its recent acquisition of a division of Infineon would see the latter company's 3G mobile broadband technologies integrated within the Atom chipset over the next three years, offering an all-in-one solution that could truly give Intel a much-needed edge in the portable market.

Do you believe that a fresh attack on the tablet market combined with Sandy Bridge could see Intel extending its lead in the processor industry, or does pride come before a fall? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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