Intel Announces $100 Million Academic Investment

January 27, 2011 | 12:21

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Intel has announced its intentions to put around $100 million of its recent profits to use in universities across the US, founding new Intel Science and Technology Centres to foster innovation in the visual computing field.

Announced yesterday in a conference call and reported by CRN, the company's plans will start with the creation of an Intel Science and Technology Centre at Stanford University - near to Intel's headquarters at Santa Clara in California.

The Centre, which will be run by Intel's academic research division Intel Labs, will be a direct route for researchers in the fields in which Intel is interested to obtain support and funding for their work. Initial reports indicate that those researchers choosing to collaborate with Intel will receive up to five times the funding than would be available from other sources.

The Centre at Stanford University will be joined by similar collaborative centres at other Californian universities, including Irvine, Davis and Berkeley,as well as the Universities of Washington, Cornell, Princeton and Harvard.

The aim, according to Intel's chief technology officer Justin Rattner, is to increase the company's investment in 'the information economy,' encouraging a spirit of inter-university collaboration and keeping Intel on the cutting edge of research and development.

Each university on Intel's list is to get $2.5 million each year for the next five years, making it a long-term project for the company.

'We want to create a climate for research to make an impact on technology,' Rattner said. 'So often great ideas never go from the academic setting into the market.'

Intel is not thought to be creating similar projects in other nations at this time.

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