Tim Schafer: No Brutal Legend 2

Written by Joe Martin

July 16, 2010 | 10:46

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Tim Schafer has confirmed that Brutal Legend will not be getting a sequel and that his studio, Double Fine Productions, is currently working on four smaller titles.

"[Brütal Legend 2] was kind of a done deal so we were working designing that and then we got some bad news," said Schafer at the Develop 2010 conference, according to Shacknews.

"We got a phone call from the publisher and it was like 'Actually we're not going to do the sequel' and I was like 'Oh. That's interesting.' So that was not what I expected. Apparently when they said it's a done deal they meant there's no deal and we're done."

From there Double Fine looked back at eight small game prototypes which had been developed in the downtime between projects, four of which have been picked up by other publishers.

Schafer didn't offer many details on any of the games, but did say that they all use the Brutal Legend engine and that each project feels like "a really tiny slice of a 'triple-A' game."

"Some of the games are downloadable, and some of the games will be retail...Some of these games we're working will come out this year," he said, before revising that prediction to say "I didn't announce they were shipping. That wasn't shipping. It's interesting to notice when people write things down."

Schafer's previous games include Day of the Tentacle, the Monkey Island series and Psychonauts. You can read our Brutal Legend review for more info on that game in particular, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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