Natal to get Christmas 2010 release

Written by Joe Martin

January 7, 2010 | 13:22

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Microsoft has confirmed that Project Natal, the new camera-based controller for the Xbox 360, will be released in time for Christmas this year.

The confirmation came at CES, where Microsoft's Robbie Bach said that 2010 would be "the biggest year in Xbox history". Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the Xbox 360 had sold more than 39 million units, with the Xbox brand generating more than $20 billion USD in revenue.

Unfortunately for Microsoft news of Natal's 2010 release was leaked ahead of the actual press conference thanks to a video interview with Robbie Bach being aired ahead of schedule, while power cuts held up the actual keynote.

Microsoft dribbled out the announcement alongside lots of pro-Xbox statistics too, with Steve Ballmer revealing that Xbox Live recently had its most busy week, with a new member joining the service ever second between Christmas and New Year. The new record for most concurrent users on Xbox Live is now 2.2 million.

Details on games compatibility for Natal, which uses face-tracking technology and cameras to allow game interaction without a physical controller, are still fairly scarce but we'll likely hear more about that as the year goes forward.

Microsoft didn't comment on previous rumours that Natal would also be rolled out as a PC controller.

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