Kinect priced at £129 in UK

Written by Joe Martin

July 20, 2010 | 17:41

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Microsoft has revealed the official pricing for the Xbox 360's new controller, the Kinect sensor, giving it an official RRP of £129.99.

£129.99 gets you the basic bundle of the Kinect sensor, plus mini-game compilation Kinect Adventures, but that's not the only bundle Microsoft is offering. Kinect will also be available bundled with the new Xbox 360 Slim model 4GB, plus Kinect Adventures, for £249.99.

Other Kinect launch titles, such as Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride will be available for £39.99 each.

The Xbox 360 Slim bundled with Kinect is actually a new model, with 4GB of flash storage and no hard drive. It also has a matte black finish, as opposed to the glossy 250GB 360 Slim.

Kinect is Microsoft's new camera-based motion controller, which watches player movements and translates it into game actions. We've only had one go quick go on it ourselves, but we have to say we weren't wholly impressed.

Retailers on the other hand are already getting behind the Kinect sensor; Martyn Gibbs, managing director of the Game Group in the UK said that he expects the sensor to be on Christmas lists for both hardcore and casual gamers.

"At E3 in June, we were lucky enough to play with Kinect and can say that it truly is ground-breaking technology," said Gibbs in an official statement. "Since then, we’ve been driving awareness of Kinect to our customers in-store and online. We know from their feedback that they are excited about getting their hands on it and what it could do to their gaming experience."

"Whether they buy Kinect on its own or as part of the great value bundle, it is going to be on the Christmas lists of both core gamers and families."

You can check our Xbox 360 Slim review for more info on Microsoft's new console revision.

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