Microsoft renames Natal as Kinect

Written by Joe Martin

June 14, 2010 | 11:03

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Microsoft has announced the official name for the Project Natal controller, officially dropping the Natal codename. The new, official name for Natal is...Kinect.

The name was leaked a few hours ahead of schedule by advertisers, with Microsoft failing to keep a lid on the announcement ahead of an E3 unveiling ceremony that involved Cirque Du Soleil.

A number of launch titles were presented at the performance though, with Microsoft obviously following in Nintendo's footsteps with the likes of Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures, both of which are a collection of minigames.

Other titles that Microsoft showed off included Kinectimals, a racing game called Joyride and a dancing game called MTV's Dance Central, as well as unnamed Disney titles. Overall most of the games seemed very family focussed, with the only game likely to resonate with hardcore gamers being a new Star Wars game which allows controller-less lightsaber battles.

Slightly more interesting than the launch titles are the rumours of Kinect's launch price, with sources suggesting that there'll be two SKUs available to start with, the most expensive of which will cost $189 USD.

Microsoft hasn't yet given any indication of official prices or release dates for Kinect.

Late last week research gathered by OTX GamePlan suggested that only a minority of the market was interested in buying either Microsoft's Kinect or Sony's Move controller - with less than 10 percent even aware of what either were.

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