Microsoft defends Kinect pricing

Written by Joe Martin

July 29, 2010 | 10:56

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Microsoft has defended the £129.99 GBP price point of the new Kinect controller for Xbox 360s since the initial announcement did not go down well with consumers or critics.

Microsoft UK's marketing manager, Brett Siddons, told TechRadar that the price was justified because it provided an all-in-one multiplayer solution.

"The camera tracks six don't have to buy anything else," said Siddons. "I'll let you do the maths, but when you say Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move you buy this and this, even for a two player game."

"What do you need and what do actually have to spend for a two player game for this device versus that device?" asked Siddons. "You actually find that [Kinect] is very competitively priced."

Siddons has got a point too - a full PS3 Move set-up for two players would consist of an initial Move and PS Eye bundle, plus a second Move controller, costing around £150.

With a Wii however, you'd only need to buy a second Wiimote and Nunchuck on top of the initial console purchase - costing around £40, if you shop around.

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