Uwe Boll: Spielberg is out to get me!

Written by Joe Martin

April 17, 2008 | 11:19

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Uwe Boll is a clever man and even when he foolhardily says that it'd take a million signatures on an online "Shut Up Uwe Boll" petition, he knows that it's best to keep an eye on who's signing up in case there's any cheating going on.

In response to the on-going flood of signatures hitting the petition, Uwe Boll has developed maybe a touch of paranoia though, believing that directors Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay are so threatened by him that they've conspired to sign the petition multiple times.

"I tracked down who's signing that petition, and there are like a few people, getting under different identities and things in the internet and signing it over and over again," said Uwe Boll in an interview with MovieSet.com.

"The second thing is that I was able to find that actually Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg under various different identities posting ongoing that I should stop making movies, and I know why: They are afraid of the competition. What jealous internet nerds and wannabe filmmakers are signing that petition?"

I honestly don't know Uwe - what internet nerds could be signing that petition? All of them maybe? Let us know if you've signed your name down with the likes of Spielberg and Michael Bay in the forums.
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