Uwe Boll happy with his new game

Written by Joe Martin

September 19, 2008 | 11:53

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Uwe Boll's announcement that he had made a computer game caught a lot of people off guard, including us, and there's been a mad scrabble for information recently on the game made by the critically panned movie director, 1968 Tunnel Rats. Thankfully, some of the first scraps of info have now begun to slip out.

The first big nugget o' news is that, unsurprisingly, Uwe Boll has created the game as a tie-in project and will soon be working on a film of the same name that interconnects with the plot of the game. He's been heavily involved in both projects according to a statement given to Eurogamer.

"Replay Studios, in Hamburg, developed the game with the Viet Cong engine," said Boll. Replay Studios is the same developer that is currently working on Velvet Assassin, a World War 2 spy game to be hitting the Xbox 360 later this year.

"They based it on my movie, and we delivered our script, screenshots et cetera to them. They also used the same composer. I controlled the production, and I'm happy with the game," he added.

According to Boll, 1968 Tunnel Rats will be released later this autumn and will debut on the PC and Xbox 360, to be published by CDV.

If you missed it yesterday then you can still catch the trailer for Boll's new videogame venture in the original announcement - just be sure to tell us what you think in the forums.
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