Uwe Boll is a franchise-destroying God, making even sub-par games like Bloodrayne and the controversial Postal 2 even worse through association with his frankly awful movies. Thankfully, all he's managed to do so far is film adaptations of already bad games, though that's all about to change with his latest venture.

The German film maker is already making a movie of the cheesy, but gorgeous, Far Cry with a planned release of 2008.

There are several odd things to note about the film adaptation of Jack Carver's tropical romp, the first being that Uwe Boll reportedly bought the rights to the movie before the game was even released and the second being that the director is so short of actors he has tried to sell a role via eBay.

The auction, which is in German, reportedly states that the successful buyer will get five days on set with the team, but they would have to cover the costs of the flight and accommodation themselves. Gee, what a bargain - pay money to go to Canada to be in a tropical action film, to pay more money to hang around with the world's worst director since Ed Wood.

Bidding started at €2,498, or £1,695, though if it has any takers then we'll subject ourselves to actually watching the film on it's release - that's how dubious we are anybody will pay to work with Uwe Boll.

Can film adaptations of computer games be any good, or are they all doomed from conception? Would pay to work with Uwe Boll, or do you plan to boycott his movies? Let us know in the forums, as usual.
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