Ubisoft to launch dog coaching game

Written by Joe Martin

September 11, 2008 | 10:46

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Companies: #ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced that it will be launching a new dog coaching game on the PC and DS based around the work of Cesar Milan, a prominent lecturer in the US and host of The Dog Whisperer TV show. Apparently.

My Dog Coach: Understand Your Dog with Cesar Millan will launch on the PC and Nintendo DS later this quarter and will prominently feature Cesar Millan, as well as theories taught in his books and seminars.

Cesar's approach places an emphasis on understanding dogs and how they behave in the wild, then replicating some of the pack mentality that dogs exhibit and exploiting it within the home by using rewards and punishments effectively.

The PC and DS game will present forty of the most common dog problems and instruct users on how to deal with them correctly.

Cesar says that the key to solving these issues is simple; "Exercise, discipline, and affection... in that order."

Honestly, we can perhaps see a game like this appealing to the casual DS crowd, but whether it will work so well for a PC crowd is a different matter - though maybe we'll give it a review and test the process out on Sugar, the official bit-tech.net dog.

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