Todd Hollenshead defends Doom 3

Written by Joe Martin

July 9, 2008 | 10:44

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Todd Hollenshead has spoken out in defense of Doom 3, one of the most controversial (among gamers anyway) games that the company has made. While the game was undeniably ground-breaking in several areas, the repetitive nature of the gameplay has tarnished the reputation of the series in the eyes of many.

Or not, if you listen to Hollenshead, who defended the game in an interview with Kikizo recently.

"I think there are three people on the internet that keep making these posts that Doom 3 was 'bad', and they get no credibility from any other people... there's some mass-misperception out there," he said when asked if there were any 'weaknesses in Doom III that need to be corrected.'

"I get this occasionally - why don't I think Doom III was successful? We sold over three million units! It's the most successful game in id's history," continued Hollenshead.

Doom 3 was well-received when it was first released, but was criticised for the repetitive gameplay and limited selection of environments and enemies - there's only so many times you can fight an imp in a dark hallway.

Personally, we reckon Doom 3 was an excellent game which only really failed in the later levels when it became obvious the bar wasn't really going to get raised. The graphical side of the game is excellent though and the title can still hold its own with the big boys of this year.

What did you reckon to Doom 3 - was it over-rated or under-appreciated? Which was your favorite id game? Let us know in the forums.
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