Carmack outlines vision for a new Quake

Written by David Hing

June 17, 2011 | 11:40

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John Carmack has outlined the direction he'd like to take the Quake series in the future, explaining to Eurogamer that there are factions within id Software that want to abandon the Strogg-based storyline of Quake 2 and Quake 4.

Carmack was adamant that the comments were purely speculative, however - there's no Quake title currently in development.

'We are at least tossing around the possibilities of going back to the bizarre, mixed up Cthulhu-ish Quake 1 world and rebooting that direction,' said Carmack. 'We certainly have strong factions internally that want to go do this.'

Todd Hollenshead, id CEO, also added: 'People shouldn't worry that we're ever going to orphan or abandon Quake. We are huge fans of the game internally.'

Quake was the first game to feature true three-dimensional FPS gameplay. Carmack suggests that it is not that good of a game, however, and says it's only remembered fondly because of the nostalgia.

'I look at the original Quake as this random thing, because we really didn't have our act together very well,' he says. 'Memory cuts us a lot of slack.'

id Software is currently working on Doom 4 which will purportedly go back to the original Doom-style gameplay as opposed to the more horror based style of Doom 3.

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