Take-Two and Thompson at blows again?

Written by Joe Martin

June 29, 2007 | 10:16

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Take-Two and Jack Thompson may be readying for battle once again, only a short while after the two enemies signed an agreement which was hoped to have settled their legal bickering once and for all.

The agreement reportedly kept Thompson from being disbarred, provided he no longer filed any public nuisance cases against Take-Two and refrained from contacting companies which Take-Two does business with.

Since then, GamePolitics has reported that Thompson received a letter from Take-Two which warns he may be in breach of the settlement after contacting the Governor and Attorney General of Florida to warn them about "an incredibly violent game called Manhunt 2."

Thompson disputes the claim that he is in breach of the settlement, pointing out that although he agreed to stop filing cases against Take-Two he never agreed to stop contacting members of the US government and that any contract which would attempt such a thing would be in violation of his First Amendment rights and therefore would be un-enforceable.

It's an interesting and somewhat slippery way to get out trouble for ol' JT, but it also seems to be a pretty bullet-proof argument from a legal point of view.

Apparently, Jack Thompson has filed a complaint against Take-Two's attorneys in reply to the letter - which seems more than a little spiteful, if you ask us.

Is all fair in love and arguments about the effects violent games may have on society? Still annoyed Manhunt 2 won't see a release for a while, if at all? Drop us your comments and tell us what you think.
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