Study: 82 percent of gamers don't mind in-game ads

Written by Joe Martin

June 18, 2008 | 10:36

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In-game adverts are a controversial topic, or so you might think. After all, not everyone wants to see individual bullets which are sponsored by the Early Learning Center, do they?

Well, according to a new study reported over at, it actually isn't as simple as that. According to the result of a survey commissioned by in-game advertiser IGA Worldwide around 82 percent of gamers actually respond well to in-game advertisements.

In fact, a bit more shocking than that is the revelation that 82 percent of gamers think that "games were just as enjoyable with ads as without" and 61 percent of gamers in the survey felt an increase in "favorable opinions of products advertised in-game post-play."

So, according to a supposedly scientifically solid survey in-game adverts not only work, but gamers like them as well! The mind boggles.

To us in-game advertisements are a hit and miss technique and even when they are cleverly placed to fit in with the game world, such as billboards on show in a racing game, the first thought that runs through our head is how much better the game would be if the designers had chosen to create funny companies of their own to advertise.

Ah well, we're obviously the minority. Tell us what you think of in-game adverts in the forums.
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