Sony confirms PS4 will support secondhand games

Written by Edward Chester

June 11, 2013 | 03:03

Tags: #e3-2013 #online-activation #ps4

Companies: #sony

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 won't require online activation for its games and will support users selling on and lending their games.

The news will further fuel the backlash against Microsoft and the Xbox One, which the company has confirmed will allow developers/publishers to require regular online activation and restrict reuse of games. With Microsoft having also set the price for the Xbox One at a relatively high £429, the stage is set for Sony to gain the upper hand at the initial launch of these two next-gen consoles, if it prices its device sensibly.

Sony made the announcement towards the end of its press conference at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles where it also revealed the hardware design of the PS4 for the first time. The new console has a very similar style to the Xbox One with a mixed glossy/matt black plastic chassis that is very angular.

The company also showed the first in-game footage from the highly anticipated game Destiny, which is being developed by Halo creators Bungie.
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