Ex-Ubisoft devs announce new game to be published via Devolver Digital

Written by Jake Tucker

May 30, 2016 | 16:54

Companies: #devolver-digital #sloclap #ubisoft

A team of designers, programmers and artists that left Ubisoft to start their own studio, called Sloclap, have announced their first game, to be published by Devolver Digital.

Absolver is an 'online multiplayer combat RPG', set in the fictional Adal Empire, complete with a mysterious backstory and hidden future. Over time the player character will prove themselves to be good enough to join an elite group of warriors.

Alright, enough with the snarky cliché description, because it actually sounds pretty interesting. Mixing both player vs player and player vs environment battles, it focuses on 'fluid real-time combat' that’s influenced by choices like combat style, weapon, and different attacks. Players can either fight in mines against computer-controlled enemies or in arenas to prove themselves against other players, with interactions between players creating a 'narrative' between characters.

Exactly what all that means hasn’t been defined and little has been revealed about the game other than a vague hint at the release date being in 2017 on PC and consoles at some point. A short trailer has been released that shows off what seems to be some gameplay, as well as a unique art style. Sink your teeth into it.

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