Rarest Atari 2600 game ever for sale

Written by Joe Martin

February 18, 2008 | 11:07

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An eBay auction has recently been posted which offers one of the rarest games ever made for the Atari 2600 - and best of all, it'll only cost you half a million dollars if you want to buy it now.

The game in question, Gamma Attack had an incredibly limited run for the Atari 2600. In fact, less than twenty copies of the game were ever sold apparently.

The game is so very rare in fact that it's been near-impossible for us to find a good picture of the game or find out much about it.

So, there's two days left for the auction and there's been 23 offers so far - though we doubt any of them have approached the 'Buy It Now!' price of a cool half mil. The auction is complicated further by the fact that the seller will not ship the game at all - it's pick-up or personal delivery only.

Rare games are becoming an increasingly popular collectors item in some circles and the recent sale of a sealed copy of Chrono Trigger for $1200 is a testament to that fact.

Still, half a million dollars may be pushing it.

Do you think such an item could ever justify the cost, and what would you do with it if you bought it? Let us know in the forums.
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