PSN will continue to be free

Written by Joe Martin

July 4, 2008 | 12:30

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At bit-tech we occasionally give Sony a little bit of stick and it's no secret that the company has had a fair bit of bad luck lately, but one thing we do constantly admire about Sony is its ongoing commitment to the freely available PlayStation Network.

The only problem is, what with Metal Gear Solid 4 helping to shift more PlayStation 3s than ever before, more people are signing on to that free service. More people equals increased costs for Sony - more servers, more bandwidth, more updates and so on. There's inevitably going to come a point when Sony has to ask people to start paying, right?

Apparently not. In a recent interview with, PSN boss Eric Lempel said that Sony has no plans to charge for the PSN service.

"We’re happy with what we’re doing right now and we’re going to stick with it. I think being free is always an advantage. The fact that it’s free is nice for consumers who want to try out the online experience, those who may be new to it and may not be ready to commit to spending dollars, and that’s a really good message for us."

Hah, take that Xbox Live! Do you use PSN regularly? What would you change if you could? Let us know in the forums.
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