Project Cafe system specs leaked

Written by Joe Martin

April 25, 2011 | 11:12

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Possible system specifications for Nintendo's just-confirmed successor to the Nintendo Wii have leaked online from anonymous sources close to the company.

IGN spoke to sources close to the company, who revealed that the new console, currently known only as Project Cafe, will be built around AMD's R700 GPU architecture.

The sources also said that rumours about the console's graphical power were true, with Project Cafe set to outperform even the PlayStation 3's NVIDIA 7800GTX-based processor.

Project Cafe will output at 1080p, with stereoscopic 3D an unconfirmed possibility, according to the sources.

The CPU for Project Cafe is said to be a custom-made triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset which is fundamentally similar to the Xbox 360's CPU, albeit with faster clock speeds.

Foxconn is said to be manafacturing the console, which will be roughly similar in size to the Xbox 360 and may be designed similarly to the classic NES. Like Nintendo, Foxconn has yet to comment on any aspect of the leak.

A price tag of between $350 (£212) and $400 (£242) is suggested for the console.

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