Sony wants profit, not market share

Written by Joe Martin

March 20, 2009 | 11:12

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Sony has had a tough time this console generation, with the PlayStation 3 arriving late to the market and having to fight long and hard to even seem that it can keep pace with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Sales of the admittedly very powerful console continue to trail behind the competition and both consumers and retailers are begging Sony for a price cut.

Sony however isn't interested in achieving as much market share as Xbox 360 or the Wii though - an aim which is apparently coming from the very top brass and which is preventing a price cut on the monolithic console. Sony is, quite simply, more interested in the profitability of individual units than gross market share, apparently.

"I think it's already well publicized that we have a very clear objective from our parent, Sony Corp.," said ACEA Senior VP of Marketing, Peter Dille in an interview with GameDaily. "We're to focus on a profit objective, and with those marching orders it limits the playbook when it comes to pricing and promotion."

"Our competition had a very aggressive pricing strategy, but they also were packing two, three, four games in with the unit weekend to weekend with different retailers, and that cost a lot of money. So we had a profit goal and they had a market share goal."

The wording there, as Kotaku rightly points out, is a little damning for the Sony Corp. bosses and implies that only the most senior members of the company are resisting the price cut.

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