Hori announces Tactical Assault Commander 4 PS4 kit

July 28, 2015 | 11:20

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Gaming peripherals specialist Hori has announced a new entry in its Tactical Assault Commander range, offering partial-keyboard and mouse control for games on the PlayStation 4.

Following on from the Tactical Assault Commander 3 PlayStation 3 controller, the imaginatively-named Tactical Assault Commander 4 brings a new layout and support for the PlayStation 4 as well as its last-generation brother. As before, the main part of the TAC 4 bundle is a partial keyboard controller, looking like half a keyboard with a thumb-pad stuck on it, and featuring keys which correspond to controls on the DualShock pad.

The partial keyboard is joined by a traditional-looking optical mouse, which includes the usual buttons, scroll-wheel, and adjustable tracking resolution of any gaming mouse. Both devices are wired, with the mouse connecting to a USB port on the keyboard then the keyboard connecting via USB to the console, and boast Sony's official approval.

Hori claims that using the TAC 4 will 'replicate PC-style gaming,' and that it is compatible with any first person shooter or similar title on either console, through mapping its controls to the equivalent DualShock buttons. How usable the system will prove in reality, when compared to true keyboard and mouse control on a PC, remains to be seen.

Pre-orders have been opened on Amazon for the Tactical Assault Commander 4 at £86.35, ahead of a 9th of October launch.
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