Watchdog investigates Sony's refund policy

May 28, 2015 | 11:41

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Sony is to be the subject of a BBC Watchdog investigation regarding its PlayStation Network refund policy in the UK - the policy being, by and large, 'no refunds.'

In tonight's episode of the long-running BBC consumer affairs programme, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be brought to task for a draconian refund policy which sees buyers on the hook for any and all charges unless the product they received is provably defective. While undoubtedly implemented to lessen fraud, the policy is responsible for serious collateral damage - in particular from customers whose accounts or consoles have been stolen and used to rack up huge bills for which Sony is holding them responsible.

In a post to the NeoGaf forum, a member claiming to be the subject of Watchdog's investigation explained his situation. 'I phoned and spoke to 4 or 5 different people, all but one were nice enough but all saif [sic] the same thing and that they couldn't do anything. The last one, when I asked where the money was now, after all they'd banned the offending console and revoked access to the game, reluctantly admitted Sony had it. When I asked why they couldn't give it back she explained it was my 'punishment' in case I had been trying to trick them.'

The member, posting under the pseudonym Pockets, claims that two weeks into Watchdog's investigation he received a £40 refund out of the blue back to his pre-paid PSN account, but that 'this is useless to me as I sold my PS4 back in January.'

Sony has not commented on the case, but will be putting its side across when the programme airs on BBC One tonight at 8PM.
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