Dust 514 and Eve to merge

Written by David Hing

January 10, 2013 | 10:16

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CCP's Playstation 3 shooter Dust 514 and Eve Online are merging their servers together today to allow players from the two very different games to interact and influence each other.

Players in Dust 514 will be visible in the spaceship MMO's local chat and will be able to join existing Eve corporations. The merge will happen during the daily maintenance down time for Eve Online.

CCP's cross platform experiment means that ship pilots in Eve will be able to influence battles in Dust 514 with orbital strikes and mercenaries from Dust 514 will be able to influence the outcome of faction warfare, one of the PVP mechanics of Eve Online.

Although players will be able to freely communicate between the two games, the universe's currency, ISK, will not be able to freely move between players straight away for fears that it would upset Eve Online's delicate economy.

UI changes to accommodate Dust 514 players and blueprints for orbital strike weaponry have been in Eve for some time now.

Dust 514 is still in closed beta and following today's merge, it will be the last time that those players testing it will have their skills reset, implying that it is nearing the end of its testing phase. The game's actual release date is however still yet to be announced.

CCP's Playstation 3 shooter experiment was first announced at GDC 2009. The developers wowed crowds by showing off the interaction between Eve Online and Dust 514 by demonstrating an Eve pilot firing an orbital strike and a Dust mercenary witnessing its effects.

Eve Online is a subscription based MMO with approximately 400,000 players. It first debuted 10 years ago and remains a fairly unique MMO due to its focus on emergent gameplay. Developers CCP are known to support player driven events with additional server infrastructure deployed for areas that they know are going to be heavily used and very rarely step in to prevent anything from taking place, even if it can have drastic effects on the world's economy or the experiences of others.

Eve Online players are known to develop a sense of paranoia and the general advice given to new players is that if you don't know another pilot and they start talking to you, it is probably part of a plot to kill you and take your things.
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