CCP: 'Sony was more open to Dust 514'

Written by Joe Martin

June 8, 2011 | 11:20

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EVE Online developer CCP has explained why its upcoming MMO console-tie in, Dust 514, is only being released on PlayStation 3, saying simply that Sony was more open to the concept than competitors.

Discussing the recent E3 2011 announcement with RPS, Dust 514 producer Thomas Farrer said that the Xbox Live system was also a barrier.

'Most of DUST is running on our own technology, it’s running on our own super-computer, on Tranquillity,' said Farrer. 'Sony is a lot more… open, shall we say, to allowing you to do those things.'

'It may seem silly, but on Xbox Live your identity is your Xbox Live identity. In the EVE universe, having people not know who you are is quite important.'

Farrer also explained that Dust 514, which lets players fight on-planet battles within EVE Online's larger MMO universe, is not being released on PC to avoid cannibalising the player-base.

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