Will Half-Life 3 be shown at GamesCom 2012?

Written by Joe Martin

August 14, 2012 | 13:07

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GamesCom 2012: The day before GamesCom 2012 is due to kick-off in earnest, a list of all exhibitors at the show on the official GamesCom website has suggested Valve is about to announce Half-Life 3.

The list, which is translated from German via NeoGaf, also reveals that Dragon Age 3 will be announced at the show.

While the report seems officious enough to start with given that it's appeared on the official website of the event however, closer inspection is still warranted - which is a nice way of saying that we don't think HL3 will make an appearance.

For starters, the exact translation of the document reveals that these are only expected announcements and have not been confirmed with the organisers of the event.

The sources for the information are also unclear, with a line in the document saying that sources for the information include unnamed internet forums - and that GamesCom takes no responsibility for the correctness of the information. Despite putting it on the official website the day before the event.

Finally, with Valve about to release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after the event, the timing seems unlikely. We'd previously contacted Valve to see if it was possible to arrange a meeting at the show and had been told that the team is categorically not showing anything at the show.

So, short answer: No.

Let us know your thoughts in the forums and stay tuned for more GamesCom news.

Update: Eurogamer has confirmed that the presence of both Dragon Age 3 and Half-Life 3 on the list is 'a mistake'.

Told you.
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