Valve responds to Left 4 Dead 2 boycott

Written by Joe Martin

June 11, 2009 | 10:43

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Valve has issued a formal response to fans who've organised a Left 4 Dead 2 boycott in response to the announcement of a sequel just a year after the release of the original game.

Among other complaints a major concern for fans of Left 4 Dead is that the release of a second game might fracture the mod community between two games and that Valve is not providing the on-going support for the Left 4 Dead that it promised not so long ago. The boycott instead insists that Left 4 Dead 2 content should be released as updates for the original game, free or otherwise.

Speaking to Kotaku about the boycott, Valve founder Gabe Newell said that the release of the sequel is in no way going to change the plans for support for the original Left 4 Dead.

"Doing a sequel in one year is new for Valve. But providing ongoing support for our titles after the initial launch isn't - it has been part of our philosophy since Half-Life was released ten and half years ago," said Valve president Gabe Newell

"We see no reason to change that and will continue to support the over three million customers in the L4D community. Some in the community are concerned that the announcement of L4D2 implied a change in our plans for L4D1. We aren't changing our plans for L4D1."

"In addition to the recently released Survival Pack, we are releasing authoring tools for Mod makers, community matchmaking, 4x4 matchmaking, and more new content during the coming months for L4D1," Gabe claimed. "We also agree with our customers that there needs to be an interoperability plan for players of L4D1 and L4D2, as multiplayer games are driven by the cohesiveness of their community."

Is that going to be enough for you, or are you sticking to your boycott? Let us know your thoughts about Left 4 Dead 2 in the forums - and don't forget to check out our Complete Guide to Left 4 Dead[/i] either.
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