Ubisoft delays The Division again, to 2016

May 13, 2015 | 12:27

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Mere days after announcing it had added a fourth studio to the project, Ubisoft has admitted that The Division has slipped once more: its 2015 release timeframe has now been shifted to early 2016.

First announced back in 2013, the near-future third-person shooter Tom Clancy's The Division drew considerable attention thanks to the promise of next-generation visuals and a multiplayer system that could even say friends participating in battles while away from their computer by controlling drones via companion smartphone and tablet applications. The game was originally scheduled to launch in the fourth-quarter of 2014, a date which was shifted back to some time in 2015 while the three studios involved - Massive Entertainment, Red Storm, and Reflections - worked on the project.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft announced that it had added a fourth studio to the project: Ubisoft Annecy, a division of the company best known for its work on the Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed franchises. Ubisoft Annecy has considerable multiplayer experience, leading to the possibility that the appointment - which Massive Entertainment managing director David Polfeldt claimed to be 'very happy' with - came as the game struggled to implement the impressive multiplayer sandbox drop-in drop-out style promised by its various trailers and teasers.

Now, problems have been tacitly confirmed by the company in an announcement which puts the launch date back still further to the first quarter of 2016. 'All of us at Massive, Reflections, Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft Annecy want to ensure the game not only meets our high expectations but also those of our fans and players alike,' the announcement claimed, without explaining exactly what had led to the extended delay but while promising to reveal more of the game at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) event next month.

The Division is expected to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows, with companion apps available for major mobile platforms.
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