Transformice launches on Steam

Written by David Hing

February 2, 2015 | 11:41

Tags: #f2p #free-to-play

Companies: #atelier-801 #steam #valve

Chaotic massively multiplayer tactical mouse-based platformer Transofrmice has launched on Steam.

Transformice is now available under the free-to-play section on the digital distribution platform and its running costs will be supported by the sale of cosmetic items via micro-transactions. As an added bonus, those cosmetic items will also be unlockable through regular play.

Developer Atelier 801 has been working on a few extra additions for the Steam version, including a standalone version that has been prepared specially for its introduction to the platform. In a post announcing the launch, the developer reiterated that it was its intention for the game to remain free forever.

Gameplay on Transformice is an unconventional blend of cooperation and competition over a physics-based platform game, with players needing each other to be the first one to reach the cheese, but needing to prevent all other mice from reaching the cheese at the same time.

To make matters all the more chaotic, trolling is actively encouraged, being specifically mentioned as a recognised tactic in the in-game help and rules section of the menu.

Transformice first launched in May 2010, developed by two-man development team Atelier 801 and has garnered much critical acclaim from various outlets. Since its initial debut, additional development work has taken place throughout, including experience and levelling systems and new game modes.
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