Torchlight MMO to be released in two years

Written by Joe Martin

November 13, 2009 | 13:03

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Max Schaefer, boss of Torchlight developer Runic Games, has said the development will start on the successor to the Diablo-clone soon and that the next step for the series will be a free to play MMO.

Chatting to a German site, Max said that the team hoped to have the MMO ready for release in about two years from now.

"The MMO will be in pre-production as soon as we finalise issues from launching the single-player," Schaefer said. "It will feature a lot of customization, an overworld, random and instanced dungeons, PVP and much more!"

He also confirmed that the Torchlight community, which is very active and currently busy tinkering with the free modding tools released yesterday, would definitely be invited to help shape the game through the alpha and beta stages.

"It will be indeed free to play, and will be out in about 2 years. We like to get alpha and beta versions up and running as quickly as possible, though, so hopefully we'll have a lot of community interaction during the development cycle."

According to Schaefer, the plan with Torchlight was always to create a focused singleplayer dungeon crawler that would help establish a franchise and model that the team could then expand into larger projects.

You can check out our full Torchlight review for more information, or let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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