TF2 Scout update fully unveiled, released

Written by Joe Martin

February 26, 2009 | 10:46

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Valve has fully unveiled and released the new Scout update for Team Fortress 2, bringing a bundle of changes to the game. What's more - they've put the game on sale this week too, knocking the price down to half price for all users.

The incredibly popular multiplayer game can now be picked up on Steam for just $10 USD / £6.99 GBP, which is sure to send sales of the game rocketting if Valve's previous figures are anything to go by.

The new update brings with it a series of Scout-centric updates for players to get their teeth into, as well as a bundle of new achievements and a few new community maps to play on.

The Scout's new unlockable melee weapon was the first item to be revealed. Dubbed The Sandman, it allows players to stun enemies by firing baseballs at them which can knock straight through an ubercharge.

The Scout also gets a new energy drink power-up similar to The Heavy's Sandvich, though this one gives the Scout a burst of short-term speed that makes it handy for dodging turret fire.

The final addition to the Scout's arsenal is a new shotgun with a super-powered recoil, with the main benefit being that it can knock enemies flying or be used to rocket-jump over obstacles at the expense of reloading speed.

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