Next TF2 update involves class war

Written by Joe Martin

December 11, 2009 | 12:02

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Valve is preparing to unveil the next free content update for Team Fortress 2, promising new maps, weapons and the usual plethora of awesome new stuff. Also, probably some hats.

In an unusual and exciting move though, the exact contents of the update are going to be in part decided by players as Valve announces a class war between the Demoman and Soldier classes.

The first part of the update involves two secret new weapons which Valve has designed and plans to release - one for the Soldier, one for the cycloptic Scottish mine-flinger. Valve won't be releasing both though, just one. Which one depends on the outcome of the week-long war between the two explosive experts. If more Soldiers kill Demomen than Demomen kill Soldiers then the rocket-jumpers will get a new weapon and vice versa.

"The more Demomen you kill as the Soldier class will help ensure the Soldier gets the weapon at the end of the week," Valve clarified on the official TF2 blog. "The more Soldiers you kill as the Demo will help the Demo class get the exclusive seventh weapon."

The exact bodycounts for each side are being updated daily on the update page, which is also where Valve will unveil the remaining updates for the Class War pack.

Oh - and don't even think about cheating, as Valve's Robin Walker assures fans that the TF2 team will know if you try.

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