StarCraft 2 doesn't limit framerates

Written by Joe Martin

August 3, 2010 | 09:05

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StarCraft 2 is apparently causing overheating issues on some systems, literally frying graphics cards thanks to the lack of a framerate cap in some areas of the game. Fortunately, Blizzard has issued a temporary fix for the problem until a patch can be rolled out via

According to Daily Tech the problem occurs at the main menu, where the lack of a framerate limit allows hardware to max out, potentially failing permanently.

"Certain screens make your hardware work pretty hard," Blizzard said via its tech support site.

"Screens that are light on detail may make your system overheat if cooling is overall insufficient. This is because the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly."

Blizzard's current solution is to tell customers to go to Documents\StarCraft II Beta\variables.txt and add the following lines, replacing the final integers with the desired value.


Some fans have voiced outrage that such a big and obvious bug, one potentially capable of destroying entire systems, slipped through to the release version. As Dailytech points out though, Blizzard isn't entirely to blame and even a maxed out GPU will only overheat that quickly if it already has cooling problems.

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