Scouts introduce new Videogames Badge

Written by Joe Martin

April 28, 2010 | 11:20

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The Boys Scouts of America have introduced a new ability badge for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts to earn for displaying an understanding and ability with computer and videogames.

To earn the basic belt loop, Scouts will need to demonstrate an understanding of the ESRB rating system and be able to explain why ratings are required for videogames. After that they'll need to design a schedule that balances games against other responsibilities, including homework, before finally learning to play a new game which has met with the approval of their guardian.

Our recommendation is that, should your child want to pursue the badge then you tell that you'll only approve of them learning to play Hateris.

According to earning the full Academic badge involves buying a game with a suitable rating, comparing two different systems, organising and participating in a family games tournament and teaching a friend or adult how to play a new game.

Extra tasks include helping friends with their favourite games for an hour, playing games that improve educational skills such as spelling and maths, comparing prices at different stores and setting up your own games system.

The new badge is only available for the Boy Scouts of America - not the British Cub Scouts.

Check out Joe's list of games he recommends playing with your children and be sure to let us know your own suggestions in the forums.
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