"Games are good for children," says new report

Written by Joe Martin

July 6, 2009 | 13:16

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A new report issued by the creators of Sesame Street claims that computer games can be just as good for children as any traditional classroom activity or form of educational media.

The report itself was written up and produced by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, which is owned and run by the Sesame Workshop, according to Eurogamer. The report explictly advises governmental groups and healthcare organisations to begin investigating how they can use computer games to communicate effectively with children in a positive way.

"Despite their reputation as promoters of violence and mayhem, digital games have in fact been shown to help children gain content and vital foundational and 21st-century skills," the report says.

"Well-designed digital games show significant potential to promote children's growth and healthy development. They can foster skills and knowledge that help children with academic learning, as well as habits which contribute to better health."

"Digital games offer a promising and untapped opportunity to leverage children's enthusiasm and to help transform learning in America... Games are here to stay and offer the country a rare opportunity to leverage children’s already established enthusiasm in order to reform education and promote healthy development."

While the report is mainly focused on purely educational games, what mainstream games do you think are suitable and positive experiences for children? Personally, we always recommend Psychonauts, Lego Star Wars and World of Goo as games that younger players might enjoy, as well as many of the older adventure games that we grew up with. Let us know your ideas in the forums.
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