No Man's Sky heading to PC post-PS4 exclusivity

August 4, 2014 | 11:22

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Hello Games has confirmed that No Man's Sky, its massively multiplayer procedurally-generated explore-'em-up due to launch on Sony's PS4, will be coming to the PC.

Based in a massive open universe, generated procedurally by algorithms programmed into the game and based on a shared starting seed, the game will see players exploring the universe to stamp their mark on planets. A proportion of these planets will include life, with each player getting credit for their discoveries via a shared multiplayer system that will allow explorers to venture into each others' territories in ships that can be gradually upgraded, role-playing-game style.

Although not due to launch until next year, the videos released by Hello Games have generated plenty of hype. That will be welcomed by Sony, who has been discussing the title as being exclusive to its latest PlayStation console. That exclusivity will, however, be limited.

IGN reports that an interview with Hello Games managing director Sean Murray to appear in the next issue of Edge Magazine has confirmed that the title will be coming to Microsoft Windows, if not the company's rival Xbox One console. So far, however, there's no word of ports on to other platforms.

No Man's Sky is due to launch in 2015, with no firm date yet provided by the company. A video of the game, produced for E3 earlier this year, is reproduced below.

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