New TF2 update hints at radical game changes

Written by Joe Martin

April 21, 2009 | 11:04

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The latest Team Fortress 2 patch just hit Steam and, while that may not be newsworthy in and of itself, the changelog for the update provides plenty of hints on new features that could be coming to the multiplayer game soon.

Among the changes introduced in the new patch is an extra, currently greyed-out slot in the loadout menu that appears to offer players the option to add headgear to their characters. Made curious by the new option Kotaku had a closer look at the data files for the game and found that headgear may just be the tip of the iceberg.

According to Kotaku it now looks like each class will not only be getting new optional headgear, but also some extra gear slots for grenades, PDAs and even buildings. How exactly these extra items will be added into the game remains to be seen however, though Valve hasn't yet commented on the story.

Other possible additions coming to Team Fortress 2 in the future include RPG-like weapon add-ons to improve stats. It looks like players will soon be able to beef up the firing rate, clip size and critical chance of their weapons, possibly even levelling them up over time.

While it is pure speculation at the moment, the theory would explain Valve's inclusion of a weapon delete function in the newest updates, as it seems like players will be limited in terms of how much gear they can accumulate. That said, Valve may have no plans to roll out these changes at all for all we know.

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