New Left 4 Dead 2 zombies, items unveiled

Written by Joe Martin

July 21, 2009 | 12:55

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Valve has unveiled a few more details about the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2, revealing a few of the new items that players will have access to and some of the new infected that they'll get to fight. The list builds on the addition of the Charger infected and the melee weapons, which were already known about and which we've had a chance to play with in our Left 4 Dead 2 hands-on preview.

One of the new infected unveiled today via GameSpy is a new boss infected called the Spitter. Like the Smoker from Left 4 Dead 1, the Spitter prefers to attack from range, but favours lobbing acidic phlegm at survivors rather than tongue-grappling them.

The acidic venom of the Spitter apparently works like a sticky mortar round, heavily damaging any survivors caught in the spray and then hanging around and causing damage to anyone who walks through that spot again. According to Valve, the Spitter (which will be playable in Versus mode) is a strategically designed class whose main function is splitting up groups by lobbing some gob at them and forcing them to scatter - making them vulnerable to other infected.

Valve has also confirmed that the uncommon-common system we heard mentioned in our interview in Chet Faliszek is unique to each level and that there are now certain zombies that appear only on some campaigns. One of these is the previously shown CDC infected, who wears a hazmat suit that makes him invulnerable to flames. Today Valve unveiled a new uncommon-common, called the Mud Man and who appears only in the swamp levels. Able to move quickly through the filth, the Mud Man attacks much like the fast zombie in Half-Life 2.

Helping the survivors fight these new foes are a few new items too, namely packs of extra ammo that players can carry through a level at the expense of an item slot and a new adrenaline shot. The adrenaline shot and ammo packs replace either first aid packs or pills when carried, with the adrenaline shot making players immune to the slowing effect of being hit by a zombie and allowing them to swing melee weapons much faster. That last effect should be handy, especially since we were so unimpressed with the melee weapons when we played the game a few weeks ago.

Is Left 4 Dead 2 sounding better by the minute, or are you still going to stick by your boycott? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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