Kalypso announces Legends of Pegasus

Written by Joe Martin

August 12, 2011 | 11:54

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Kalypso Media has announced a new PC-exclusive 4X strategy game in the run up to GamesCom 2011 in Cologne, called Legends of Pegasus.

Putting players in control of the last surviving humans in a distant future, Legends of Pegasus is about trying to rebuild the human empire in hostile galactic territory.

Legends of Pegasus is being developed by Novacore Studios and is penciled in for a Q2 2012 release at the moment.

The game will base itself around the traditional 4X design - explore, expand, exploit and exterminate - complete with a fully 3D universe populated by three races and 12 playable factions. An extensive singleplayer campaign will be complemented by a multiplayer side too, both of which boast plenty of customisation options, says Kalypso.

Legends of the Pegasus will also have full modding support, with players able to create or edit their own missions and maps.

We'll be catching up with Kalypso Media at GamesCom 2011 in Cologne next week, so we expect to bring you more information on the game then. In the mean time, let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Check our GamesCom 2011 news hub for all the information from Cologne this year.
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