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Written by Joe Martin

July 22, 2009 | 11:59

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The recently bought-out id Software has revealed a glut of new information about it's next games, Rage, in a new cover story that'll be going out in the next issue of Game Informer magazine in the US - but which is also being mirrored on Shacknews. Judging by the list of new features and ideas being incorporated into the game, it looks like Rage will be more than just another pure shooter too and will involve an awful lot of stealth and RPG elements.

That Rage would be set in an open, post-apocalyptic world was something we already knew, but now it looks like there'll be an extensive RPG system built around the cars too, with players able to trade blueprints with in-game characters and build their own upgrades for the vehicles to improve acceleration, traction and suspension.

All of this will come in handy in the gladiatorial arena in the game, where players can battle against waves of enemies to win prize money for further upgrades. Some of the specific vehicle add-ons include EMP shields, bombs and magnets to draw power-ups and ammo towards the car from a distance.

Outside of the gladiatorial arena you'll be able to get missions and race events from in-game hubs, again earning money for weapon upgrades such as scopes and silencers. One of the mentioned weapons is a boomerang called the Wingstick, which can fly around the room and return to the player.

On the topic of the console and PC versions of the game, id has said that the PC version will be graphically superior and will have more resolutions, enhanced AA, faster texture page-in times and a few other enhancements - but content-wise the game will be the same on all platforms. Carmack also confirmed that Rage is being primarily designed around gamepads, not keyboards, because "the largest chunk of the market's going to be on consoles."

The bad news meanwhile is that no multiplayer has yet been finalised for the game at all and regenerating health is confirmed as a feature - though id says that it ties in closely to the story and the character that you play in the game.

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