GeForce Now loses some major publisher support

Written by Jennifer Allen

April 21, 2020 | 15:00

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Nvidia's GeForce Now has suffered another loss with major publishers including Microsoft Xbox Game Studios pulling games from its service. 

In a recent blog post, Nvidia announced that games from Microsoft Xbox Game Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Codemasters, and Klei Entertainment will no longer be available through the game streaming service with the respective companies removing their support as of April 24th. 

The same blog post goes on to point out that new games are being added courtesy of publishers like Ubisoft, Epic, Bungie and Bandai Namco, but it's a bit of a rocky time for the service. As a silver lining, players can now enjoy the complete Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series on the service but the removal of Xbox Game Studios and Warner Bros means you'll be missing out on the likes of Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Batman, and other popular franchises.

No news has been given as to why the publishers have pulled their support. In the case of Xbox Game Studios, we're guessing it's probably down to Microsoft's development of Project xCloud. After all, why would Microsoft want to support a rival's game streaming service when they have plans for their own? When it comes to the other big publishers though, speculation is rife as to why they've reneged on their plans with Nvidia. 

In the early days, it seemed like Nvidia had a great plan going on given its many connections with game publishers, but perhaps not. Having said that, the company is keen to point out that 30 of the top 40 most-played games on Steam also stream on GeForce Now with the plan to bring over 1,500 more games so it's not like the service only has minor games on it. Still, it's a bit of a blow to the concept. 

GeForce Now is still in its extended trial period after almost two years in beta, so it's still a cheap time to subscribe and worth trying out for now. Whether it's a concept that we'll see in the same form this time next year though? Things are fast looking rather rocky for the streaming service. 

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