GDC Summer will be a thing this August

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 23, 2020 | 13:00

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The organisers behind GDC have announced that the conference will be held in August now, right before Gamescom 2020 in Germany two weeks later.

In a rather optimistic plan, GDC Summer will be held from August 4th till the 6th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The thinking is that it'll be mostly exactly what anyone would expect from GDC, albeit with a summery background and (presumably) a delightful, virus-free environment. While no one can guarantee the latter right now, it's nice to see a positive plan for the future. 

Organisers promise that the Game Developers Conference will retain the same 'high level of expert-led talks' as usual GDC events, along with a 'freestyle two-day expo show floor' on the second and third day of the event. There will be 'high-quality technical content, mixed with valuable roundtable discussions' along with 'micro talks and fireside chats' and a 'dedicated space for comprehensive career development sessions'. The latter will look at topics aimed at developers such as how to best pitch games and how to land investors or publishers, along with business development strategies. 

For the consumer, GDC is an interesting thing to keep an eye on, because it's reasonably varied. It has room for small indie games that deserve the limelight, as well as more AAA content too. In the past, hardware announcements have also been made with products like Google Stadia being announced at GDC last year, and plenty of VR news in 2018. 

GDC Summer will be shorter than regular GDC conferences, as the usual conference is a full week, but we're guessing by then, many companies will be very eager to attempt to regain lost ground with announcements and so forth.

It's hard to say what GDC Summer will bring in August, if it happens at all (unfortunately), but we're guessing more news on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is likely, along with some much delayed PC hardware news such as something Ampere related.

For now, let's just hope that the world calms down enough for GDC Summer to be safely held, eh? 

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