Demigod has more pirates than customers

Written by Joe Martin

April 17, 2009 | 12:14

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Demigod hasn't yet launched in UK stores, but in America it's had a bit of an early and very rocky launch. First off the American games giant GameStop apparently broke the release embargo, forcing Stardock to rush the online support out earlier than expected and now it seems like the game is facing massive piracy problems.

'Massive piracy problems' may be a bit of an understatement though, as Stardock's Brad Wardell has claimed that there are at least five pirates for each paying customer so far.

Speaking to the Demigod community in the official forums, Brad revealed statistics that show the game servers flooded with users - far more than have actually bought the game according to sales data. Internal sales data show around 18,000 sales for the game so far, yet more than 120,000 people have attempted to activate a copy of the game so far, though luckily many of these have been thwarted.

"Sadly, most of the ~120,000 connections are not customers but via warez. About 18,000 are legitimate. So anyway, we spent a lot of time today trying to isolate out the warez users from the legitimate users," said Brad in a day-one status report.

It's times like this that DRM systems like SecuROM become a bit more understandable, even if they still aren't preferable or even very forgiveable.

Demigod becomes available in stores across the UK this May, where it will be published by Atari. Expect our review closer to that time. Until then let us know your thoughts on PC piracy in the forums.
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