Stardock goes mobile

Written by David Hing

September 26, 2013 | 08:42

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Galactic Civilizations developer Stardock has announced Stardock Mobile, a division aiming to bring strategy titles to mobile devices.

Stardock Mobile's first release will be pirate themed strategy card game Dead Man's Draw for iOS which launches next month. It has been designed by some of the developers behind the Galactic Civilization and Fallen Enchantress series.

'The goal at Stardock is to create great strategy games, whether that’s on a PC, phone or tablet,' said Stardock vice-president Derek Paxton. 'Dead Man’s Draw focuses the decisions of a strategy game to that single moment where you either commit to jump off the cliff, or back off and play it safe, all within a game that only takes a few minutes to play.'

The mobile unit also has two other titles in the pipeline for early 2014 with Star Trails and Hero Busters. The developer however has only released basic screenshots for these two titles and beyond a general sci-fi and fantasy theme respectively, not much can be assumed about them.

'Stardock is known for great strategy games,' said Stardock Mobile senior producer Chris Bay. 'The mobile games, though they will vary in genre, will always have an element of strategy in the gameplay. Thought-provoking, fun game experiences are what ignite our creativity at Stardock.'

Stardock is known for desktop utilities including WindowBlinds alongside its game development efforts. It has also published third party games, most notably Ironclad Games' Sins of a Solar Empire and Gas Powered Games' Demigod.

'The mobile platform allows us to design games that just wouldn't make sense on a PC and take advantage of some of the unique features inherent to a mobile device.' said Stardock president and chief executive Brad Wardell.

Previously, Stardock has tried entering the digital distribution market with its Impulse platform. The developer sold Impulse to Gamestop in May 2011.
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