Bethesda publishes first Quake Champions gameplay trailer

August 5, 2016 | 12:07

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At QuakeCon 2016 yesterday Bethesda showed off the world premiere Quake Champions gameplay trailer.

The video is now available on YouTube, and it's embedded below for your convenience. Bethesda's gameplay trailer might be short, at just one minute and 16 seconds long, but it quickly gets into the strafing and rocket jumping action.

In the video below you will see four champions in action; 'classics Ranger and Visor, and newcomers Nyx and Scalebearer'. You can learn more about these champion characters, specialities, and abilities here. When the game releases there will be 'at least a dozen' champions to choose between, for your gaming variety and fun, including one more returning champion called Anarki, a 'lanky speed-demon with a sweet hoverboard'.

id Software Studio Director Tim Willits presented the above video and revealed various aspects of the upcoming Quake Champions game to QuakeCon 2016 attendees. We heard how each champion can carry an arsenal of powerful and unique weapons without loadout limits. Willits added that players must 'time the weapon pickups, or kill your opponents. That's how you get weapons in a Quake game.'

If you are an eager Quake fan then you should soon be able to see footage of the first public exhibition match of Quake Champions, held live on stage during the QuakeCon Finals Party tomorrow night. To get to play the game on your own PC you will have to wait until at least next year to access the first closed beta and enjoy the 'heart-thumping arena-style FPS... running with unlocked framerates'.

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