Dishonored 2 reveals first gameplay trailer

Written by Jake Tucker

June 13, 2016 | 10:26

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At its E3 conference last night, Bethesda wowed audiences with in-game footage of Dishonored 2 that highlighted a world brought to life by Arkane's new tech, the Void engine.

Dishonored 2 starts by dropping you in Dunwall 15 years after the events of Dishonored and asks you to make an important choice - do you want to play as the now adult empress Emily Kaldwin or her father, the master assassin Corvo?

Arkane promises that regardless of who you play as, it's done as much as it can to make sure playing the game is coherent and full of details and stories for you to uncover.

Soon enough you'll zap off to the new city of Karnacka, a wind-powered city that's prone to nasty dust storms which blow in and reduce visibility to near-zero. To counter the threat of a new city, there's a bunch of new tricks and tools, many of which are shown in the trailer tucked away at the bottom of the article. You can go and watch it, I'll wait.

Emily and Corvo have unique ability sets, with Corvo's being largely the same as his abilities from the last game, whereas Emily has some more esoteric abilities like an ethereal tentacle for yanking people around the place and the ability to link enemies' destinies together to make sure they all share the same fate, whether that's death or a brief spell of unconsciousness.

Let us know if it tickles your fancy in the comments, won't you?

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