APB will have no monthly subscription

Written by Joe Martin

August 17, 2009 | 11:46

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Companies: #realtime-worlds

Realtime Worlds has revealed that it's new massively multiplayer game, All Points Bulletin, will have no monthly subscription fee and will instead 'go Guild Wars'.

The news has apparently been public for a while now on an official APB website FAQ, but was only recently spotted by Eurogamer.

Interestingly though, the actual price for the game at retail hasn't yet been narrowed down according to Realtime Worlds, raising the possibility that APB may have a slightly different pricing model or financial plan to compensate for the lack of subscription fees.

"The actual price for the game itself is still under discussion but we'll keep you up to date. We can confirm that APB will not require a monthly subscription," reads the official FAQ.

APB is set to launch on PC next year, with rumours of Linux and Mac port having been rubbished and the possibility of a console port still uncertain according to the FAQ, though rumours of an Xbox 360 port persist.

We've yet to have a proper look at APB, though we'll be trying to take a look at it at GamesCom in Cologne later this week, but the game is essentially an online version of cops and robbers according to early reports.

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